Installation at Private Collector's Backyard

June 27, 2017

Our latest installation was at a gorgeous outdoor deck of a private collector's backyard in West Little Rock, Arkansas. It was challenging to deal with an uphill driveway and narrow walkway in operating a mini-skidsteer hauling very heavy stone base, yet our installation team handled it professionally. Watch a short clip of the installation here.


The "Eternal Listening" made a great combination with the lovely garden; listening to the sound of water fountain next to the sculpture, the humming birds, the lush scape, and change of season. Our collector's response a week later was they were proud to share this sculpture with their guests during a private party.


"Eternal Listening"


Polished Stainless Steel, Natural Stone

85 x 49 x 21 inches (7ft)

2017, Unique


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