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A R T I S T I C   M O N U M E N T S

Your Space Deserves Amazing.
Steel says Engage and Reflect.

Schmidt creates solid-steel artwork that captivates.  Simplicity and importance of life is encouraged. Be inspired. Be creative.  ©SoulArt Artistic Attractions.

L O G O  R E P R E S E N T A T I O N

World renowned artist, Ryan T. Schmidt, sculpts luxury art from solid steel.  Prized for logo representation, abstract aqua-attractions, and superior landscaping.


Your Business Logo Deserves to Look This Good.​
Steel will Be Remembered.

Classy.  Strong.  Attractive.  Your business, restaurant, or home deserves quality representation.  Schmidt constructs solid-steel shapes that captivate.  Engage your audience and ultimate your image with ©Schmidt Logo Representation.

L U X U R Y   L A N D S C A P I N G

Your Property Deserves to look its Best.

Steel says Classy.​

Give the neighbors something to talk about.  Ryan T. Schmidt "sculpt[s] air with the sound and motion of water".  Fascinate your guests and enrich your home with ©SoulArt

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