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Ryan T. Schmidt
Artist b.1980 U.S.A


Ryan Schmidt is an American Artist from Little Rock, Arkansas sculpting in stainless steel since 2002. His artistic journey began in grade school when he became fascinated by the process of creating origami. He pursued the study of art, and after exploring other mediums such as bronze and aluminum, he found the enduring properties of stainless steel. His sculptures are instantly recognizable in its triangular relationships of sweeping arcs and curves capturing the reflections of the surrounding landscapes.

Ryan Schmidt, Stainless Steel Artist

Schmidt’s intention is to create atmospheric sculptures with smooth lines in fluid movement designed to be reflective invoking the viewer's imagination for inspiration of great healing and thoughtfulness. To achieve the mirror-finish on the sculpture, while labor intensive, ensures the reflective surface will withstand both external and internal elements. It also help enhance the implied motion of the sculpture forms catching the sun, clouds and movement around them, while inspiring the viewer with new discoveries every day. The uniqueness of each artwork reached its final form with Schmidt’s diversified craftsmanship and artistic qualities. 


Today his works are featured all across the world and art lovers from all walks of life remain intrigued by how such sculptures are possible to make. 

Watch the videos below that explains his motivation, inspiration, processes and direction.

Ryan T. Schmidt in Action
Artist Ryan Schmidt sketching new designs to fabricate in stainless steel

"Ascension" for the City of Beverly Hills Centennial

"Rain of Faith" People's Choice Award

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