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A One of a Kind Sculpture for Artprize at J.W. Marriott Grand Rapids...

A one of a kind stainless steel sculpture titled "Immanuel" will be exhibited at Artprize competition this early Fall from September 21 through October 9. The venue will be in at the roundabout driveway in front of the J.W. Marriott in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is one of the most exciting show across the globe. For 19 days, at least about 400,000 attendees visit the three square miles of Downtown Grand Rapids that talks about what is art and why it matters. Art from around the world of 1,500 Artists pops up in every inch of downtown in over 160 venues.​

"Immanuel" refers to the presence of our Creator that is left on earth after Jesus ascended into heaven. The Holy Spirit is "God with us" and we are the reflection. A simple sketch turned into a monument size stainless steel sculpture. Using a transparency paper and overhead projector, the drawing is projected over a sheet of stainless steel. This unique piece is one of the most complicated as it is challenging to bend the steel and maintain the seamless look.

The fabrication and polishing of Immanuel was done in two separate pieces. Then, welded back together to form one sculpture.

After spending hours of intensive labor on polishing, the mirror finish look is finally achieved.

The sculpture is prepared for loading to be delivered and installed for Artprize. It comes with a 3-foot tall base in stainless steel with black patina finish.

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