Available Sculptures

Beverly Hills, California

Ocean Wave | 31" x 57" x 12"

Stainless Steel, Natural Stone

Contact: Lynn Marks, Galerie Michael Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, California

30" Tabletop Sculptures

Stainless Steel, Natural Stone

Contact: Artspace Warehouse

Dallas, Texas

Medium and Large Flame Collection

Stainless Steel, Natural Stone base

Contact: Forre' Fine Art

Miami Beach, Florida

Cast Limited Edition, Unique and One of a Kind Pieces

Stainless Steel, Italian Marble / Natural Stone base

Contact: Williams McCall Gallery

Dubai, U.A.E.

Resurrection | 42" x 22" x 12"

Solid Cast Stainless Steel, Portoro Italian Marble (first cast piece made)

Contact: Arkansas Studio for availability in Dubai

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Large Eternal Flame | 84" x 36" x 24"

Stainless Steel, Natural Stone base

Contact: Robert App at Richard App Gallery

Arkansas Studio

Medium and Large Scale Sculptures

Stainless Steel, Steel Base in Patina / Natural Stone

Contact: Arkansas Studio