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International Sculpture Center's Professional Member Exhibition at Expo Chicago featuring "

International Sculpture Center will be holding an online exhibition to showcase its Professional Members on their Artsy page to coincide with Expo Chicago from September 27th through October 11th, 2018! ISC is a professional non-profit organization founded in 1960 whose mission is to expand public understanding and appreciation of sculpture internationally; demonstrate the power of sculpture to educate and effect social change; engage artists and arts professionals in a dialogue to advance the art form; and promote a supportive environment for sculpture and sculptors.

Stainless Steel Sculpture named "Resurrection" by Artist, Ryan T. Schmidt will be featured during the exhibition. "Resurrection" is a Limited Edition of 12 in Solid Cast Stainless Steel, and Painted Italian Marble Base. Editions Numbered 1-6 were sold, and only 7 are made until the Artist finish producing the remaining Editions.There's only 1 available of this signature design piece which is Edition 7/12. It took 5 years for the Artist to finish the sculpture - from complex design to casting and polishing with the concept of reflection in mirror-polish finish.

[Click the photo below for the link to the exhibition]


Cast Solid Stainless Steel Polished

42 × 22 × 14 in; 106.7 × 55.9 × 35.6 cm

Schmidt's mission is to provide those who experience his artwork with an enhanced sense of how constructed beauty can interplay with the natural world, our sense of aliveness, and be poetic and fluid in conversation with what we see as static or constant; and to share the gift of inspiration through reflection with the passion for stainless steel. He also desire to build sculptures that will last for many generations to come.


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