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Stay tuned for the unveiling!

Original plans for hanging the Rain of Faith Sculpture will finally come to fruition next month. Stay tuned for the upcoming installation of a monumental Arc for the Arkansas Governor's Mansion in Little Rock.

In 2009, Artist, Ryan Schmidt designed Rain of Faith Sculpture to be suspended.

Being a huge supporter of Foundations and Benefit Auctions especially to his home state ~ Arkansas, Schmidt supported Tabriz for the Arkansas Arts Center by putting the First Edition of Rain of Faith in auction. A private collector purchased the piece and later donated to the Governor's Mansion.

The sculpture has been sitting on the grounds of the Mansion for couple years. Earlier last year, Schmidt was commissioned to build a base to ultimately hang the sculpture.

Fabrication of a 25-feet wide Arc began in January, 2017 in collaboration with BECO Corp, Riddick Engineering, Eminent Terrain, Cardinal Arts, AR Tool & Die, Jeff Waddle, Rick Gann, and the Mansion's horticulturist.


The base is ready for primer and layers of bronze patina finishing after couple hours of grinding and sanding.​

Some photos during the fabrication of Arc.


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