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Celebration of Fine Art 2024

Ryan T. Schmidt, in his 5th year of participating at the Celebration of Fine Art, has collected his largest sculptures around United States to be shown at the 34th Annual Show in Scottsdale, Arizona. The large-scale sculptures came from Bridgehampton, Miami, and Grand Rapids. We are so excited for our community and our visitors to enjoy this unique setup of massive artwork.

The Celebration of Fine Art is Arizona’s longest-running art show. It brings together 100 artists from across America, all invited to spend 10 weeks creating pieces in front of visitors. This world-class event will be open daily from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. through Sunday, March 27. The Location is in the "Big White Tents" at 18400 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale AZ 85255.

The Celebration of Fine Art show is also home to the ever-popular Art Discovery Series, a live and interactive event in which guests get to hear about the adventures, stories and processes that shape art. Artists discuss topics such as metal-working, jewelry making, abstract art, sculpture, and much more.

Ryan T. Schmidt will be one of the panelists on January 26, 2024 Friday at 4:00 P.M. Join us for some wine, cheese and artistic dialogue at a Panel Discussion on Architecture & Art and discover how the two have influenced each other. Here are the dates for the 2024 Art Discovery Series:

Download the 2023 Celebration of Fine Art Map:

2024 Map
Download PDF • 351KB

For more practical information visit the Celebration of Fine Art website:

Check out last year's highlights with Artist, Ryan T. Schmidt:

  • Panelist at Art Discovery Series on topic "Metal as Media". Scroll below this page for replay.

  • Featured at Fox10 News Live with other Celebration of Fine Art Artists.

  • Launching a new sculpture private collection at "Art After Dark" event on March 18, 2023 5pm-8pm during the fine art exhibit.

  • Schmidt placed his iconic piece smaller version of "Rain of Faith" suspended at the front entrance lobby of the art show welcoming each guests as they arrive.

  • He also has a working studio setup at the back of North side of the show so you can fully see his process!

  • His large scale pieces are gaining traction at the sculpture court. Schmidt is also exhibiting a unique and one of a kind life-size centerpiece commissioned by a Celebration of Fine Art collector awaiting installation to its permanent placement.


Ryan T. Schmidt and two other Metal artists were invited to be the panelist on the topic "Metal as Media" at Celebration of Fine Art last year on February 10, 2023. Sponsored by FineArt Connoisseur, the event is about discovering how Artists apply their artistic vision, strength and heat to create compelling works of art. If you missed attending, here's a full replay of the Panel Discussion:

Schmidt also participated as a panelist in 2021 on topic "Monumental Installations" here is the recap:


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