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Installation of Brain Sculpture for Arkansas Neuroscience Institute

Stainless Steel Sculptor, Ryan T. Schmidt, was commissioned by CHI St. Vincent Foundation to design and build a brain sculpture for the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute (ANI). The sculpture titled "Metanoia" is cast stainless steel made up of 15 separate brain-like parts that are unique and complex forms making it one of the most complicated project Schmidt and his team designed and built. It took 8 months to finally install the sculpture.

The literal translation of the Greek word metanoia is “change of mind” or a spiritual transformation. While it is also translated as “repentance,” this meaning does not refer to regret, guilt or shame; but rather implies a decision to turn around, facing a new direction, and to turn towards the light.

The building was constructed from the ground up, making the space meaningful and modern, and the sculpture will aesthetically complement the environment. It will be a comprehensive neurological and neurosurgical facility where surgeons, fellows and residents from across the globe will be at ANI year-round.

Ryan Schmidt's installation team

Ryan Schmidt wiping the sculpture


Following the installation of a Brain Sculpture titled "Metanoia" is the grand opening of Arkansas Neuroscience Institute (ANI) last June 14th, 2019. Surgeons and Professors came from 27 countries to celebrate the evolution of contemporary neurosurgery. The $30 million expansion at the CHI St. Vincent north campus is creating an international destination to teach brain surgeons allowing human brain mapping and care for patients with the most complex cases.

Watch the virtual tour news coverage of the facility from this link.

Dr. Ali Khrist and Ryan Schmidt

Dr. Ali Krisht (left), ANI Founding Director and Neurosurgeon. Ryan T. Schmidt (right), Artist, Cast Stainless Steel Brain Sculpture “Metanoia” , photo during ANI Grand Opening

CEO of CHI St. Vincent, Chad Addudell, speaking during the Grand Opening

CEO of CHI St. Vincent, Chad Addudell, speaking during the Grand Opening


Behind the scene photos

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