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Arc to Hang Rain of Faith Sculpture

It started sprinkling while the Rain of Faith is being hung! What a nice welcome for this completed piece. Ryan Schmidt was commissioned last year to build an Arc to put Rain of Faith in its hanging position as originally designed in 2009. Arc was made of Type 316 non-corrosive stainless steel in bronze patina finish. Landscape and drainage is in progress and plans for unveiling the completed project will be around May this year.

Read more about the commissioned project.

What is Rain of Faith all about?

The sculpture's title signifies a release of supernatural Grace and Truth to help enable and empower the believers to overcome the forces of darkness and reign triumphantly. This refers to the latter rain which is the spring rain that occurs just before harvest. This outpouring of refreshing rain, which renews fertility of the parched ground is like the Holy Spirit, which is poured out in great showers of blessing before the great harvest of souls in global evangelism (as described in Joel 2:23,28-29)

Message from the Artist

"By accepting this supernatural supply of living water to transform our life and circumstances into an abundant blessing, we can live victoriously. This is the message that I wish to be presented with the sculpture, to clearly state the meaning behind the title and give an encouragement of inspiration."


Delivery and installation of the Arc to hang the 300lb Rain of Faith Stainless Steel Sculpture.


The machined attachment for the swivel tip of the Arc was engineered, designed and tested. Trial fit was performed prior to cutting the machined piece and welding it. This process was carefully done to ensure the sculpture to be suspended will gracefully swing in place.

Some fabrication photos of the Arc where our welder had to go inside the Arc to do some welding.

Pouring of concrete for the foundation of the base was done by Cardinal Arts weeks before the installation of the Arc to allow curing. We took into consideration the fair amount of rain and cold weather and give extra time for concrete to set in.


Watch this video to see the initial cutting of Stainless Steel Arc


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