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Ryan T. Schmidt
2014, 14.5ft x 7ft x 7ft (168" x 84" x 84")

Stainless Steel Sculpture on black patina stainless steel triangular base, polished in mirror reflective finish. Abstract contemporary sculpture for outdoor placement.

"Ascension" has traveled all over the United States after it was built by Ryan T. Schmidt for the Beverly Hills Centennial Celebration Arts of Palm in 2014. During the exhibit, Warner Brothers also included the piece while filming the movie "The Entourage". In 2015, the piece was brought to Grand Rapids Public Museum in Michigan for Artprize competition. Almost half a million people saw the piece, engaged and interacted with it, and also placed Top 25 out of 1100 art entries. The following year, Ascension was exhibited at Coconut Grove Art Festival before Ytech Corporation leased out the sculpture to be placed in front of their building at 1428 Brickell Avenue Miami, Florida. It also withstood Hurricane Irma while the whole street of Brickell Avenue was damaged. This is significant to the history of the sculpture. 
Ascension directly refers to the supernatural passage and transformational movement on earth and sky which are both reflected in the mirror of the sculpture, stirring contemplation of one's own mortality and existence for eternity ~ the abstract Truth. The three vessels portrayed in the sculpture represents the mind, body, and spirit.
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