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2020 Art Discovery Series at The Celebration of Fine Art

The popular Art Discovery Series in Scottsdale, Arizona hosted by the Celebration of Fine Art are held each Friday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the 10 week show. Guests will hear and learn from a panel of artists on various topics, discover the inspiration, techniques and stories behind the creation of art. Sponsored by Fine Art Connoisseur, guests will also enjoy wine, cheese and artistic dialogue at informative panel discussions and demonstrations.

Last Friday's Art Discovery Series featured four panelists: Heidi Rosner, Cary Henrie, Stuart Yankell, and Ryan Schmidt. The discussion is about "Risk to Reward" which covered how artists evolve and the chances they take on new ways to express their views. They leave their comfort zone of what they know to explore new subjects or new media. This takes risk and courage to leave the tried and true ways to experiment with the unknown.

If you did not make it in person to hear how many have made this LEAP and experienced the REWARDS of growth and change, you can watch the recording at Facebook Page of @CelebrationofFineArt.

Tune in at the Facebook Page Live Feed every Friday for the rest of the series.

2020 Art Discovery Series

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